05 August 2012

free friday..

To wear or not to wear shorts??

Jeans are the new mini black dress, what about the shorts? And here is the biggest dilemma, are they proper, formal and smart enough for work?
My answer would be,Yessss! if you combine it with a shirt or a blazer..
This is the Friday's look No meeting and it is almost weekend..The plan is clear..a little shopping in Nisantası dinner at Quick China then heading to enjoying some drinks with friends..So in love with fridays. :))

The weekend is over and now there is another rush week.. Wish you a delicious week!!

Ipekyol shorts& handbag
H&M shirt & shoes
Miu Miu sun glasses 
Swarovski jewelery 


02 August 2012

in a fancy denim/dream..

Sunday at the park...It was so much fun with friends spending the whole day eating drinking laying and laughing..Of course I can not miss the chance to take some pictures which I filtered to a bit mystic look..
Like it?

I love love love love this dress..Altough it looks quite fancy and not proper for any occasion, its being denim breaks the whole rules..
In the end you can even find yourself wearing such; gown looking, princess feeling dress anytime :)

It was definetely one of the best weekends of this summer.. Friday playing the games, saturday dancing whole night , sunday chilling together, and eating and drinking and enjoying the weekend together..
Thank you guys!!

            This little cutie is a pitbull..Can not believe it will become a monster(!) in a couple of months..

This bag is my favorite purchase of my last Amsterdam trip. Unfortunately we do not have Brandy Melville in Turkey :( 

Have a nice weekend!!

Zara  maxi denim dress
Brandy Melville Bag
Swarovski slake bracelets
Rayban sunnies


01 August 2012

a piece of memory

Memories..It might be a picture, a present, your favorite spot in the city, a delicious meal or just a beautiful song that remind you a wonderful  memory..
What about the outfits? Are they also a part of this Karma?To me, yes! This romantic floral dress is not only a real eye catcher but also a true memory reminder :) It doesn't matter how many times I wear, when I get or even how it looks on me, but it matters for what occassion I choose or exactly how it makes me feel in the end..
After all, memories are to remember, not to live so it is time to wear one of my favorite pieces and explore some new memories..
Have fun!

     It reminds me the longest day spent and the most exciting moments of this year..

Zara Dress
Steve Madden Platforms
Rayban Wayfarer sunnies

30 July 2012

simply black..

I'm a woman, I'm not a princess, I have emotions, a temper, opinions, a very loud noice, a sweet smile and definetely a Look

Back home again, to see my friends and get the most fun of these hot days of summer..To me summer is all about, sea, sun, sand, bikini, shorts, flip flops, margaritas and ice cream..
Altough I haven't had the chance to go the beach yet this summer, spending a full weekend with friends eating and drinking and dancing and laughing are not bad either..
This maxi dress is one of my favorite pieces of this summer. Comfortable and simple..I also love its being asymetric and the little cut at the back.
Of course I could not miss to wear my favorite bracelets from Swarovski's 2012 Autumn/winter collection..

Enjoy the weekend!!

 Oysho Asymmetric Dress
Nursace Sandals
Stella Mc Cartney Sunnies
Swarovski & Agatha Bracelets
Skull pattern clutch bought in Rome

18 September 2011

stranger in town..

hello guys!!!

I'm back in town just after 2 weeks moving to Istanbul..I will share soon all the updates about
Istanbul . My office, my lovely flat and the fabulous neighbourhood..
Hopefull I will keep posting in Istanbul more often.
This is the outfit of saturday..A busy day moving places to places with friends..such a classic of Ankara..

Now it is time to get packed..I'll see you in Istanbul :)

Zara pants
Bershka basic t-shirt
Ipekyol handbag
and Swarovski jewellery :)

02 August 2011

sunday with friends

It was an amazing sunday..
The day started with brunch with Begum. ( one of my closest friends that I haven't seen for a long time..There was a lot to talk and share.The time we spent was definitely priceless..
Then I met my  friends celebrating birthday at a park..There we could take so many pictures.
The day ended after meeting some other friends in a restaurant..

Thank you to all of my friends for this lovely sunday:)))


my sister Zeynep&the adorable puppy that we all are crazy for

Mango top&bag
tommy hilfiger jeans
mudo belt
Swarovski beads bracelet

24 July 2011

It is simply life..

People get hurt, people are murdered or people overdose and die while some are born at the same time, celebrate or simply have fun..Which is you??
me, not having the best time of my life but hoping for the best for the very near future..

Have a great week!!!

This is my new baby..Isn't it just gorgeous?

I put my eyeliner extra layered to have some Amy effect on my eyes..
Rest in peace sweetheart..

Mango knit maxi dress (Tuna,thank you for insisting me to buy this)
Zara denim shirt
Swarovski bangle