01 August 2012

a piece of memory

Memories..It might be a picture, a present, your favorite spot in the city, a delicious meal or just a beautiful song that remind you a wonderful  memory..
What about the outfits? Are they also a part of this Karma?To me, yes! This romantic floral dress is not only a real eye catcher but also a true memory reminder :) It doesn't matter how many times I wear, when I get or even how it looks on me, but it matters for what occassion I choose or exactly how it makes me feel in the end..
After all, memories are to remember, not to live so it is time to wear one of my favorite pieces and explore some new memories..
Have fun!

     It reminds me the longest day spent and the most exciting moments of this year..

Zara Dress
Steve Madden Platforms
Rayban Wayfarer sunnies

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