17 March 2011

another day in Bath..

This is a beautiful small city that keeps you busy with its nice view of  hills and downs, fantastic restaurants and bars, nice designer boutiques, canal and riverside walks..The last time when I was here I visited  all the museums, the Roman baths and of course the Stonehenge.
This time I almost spent all the time touring the city and shopping.Its been nearly a week and I still can not get enough of the city. The day starts with a big breakfast. After touring the stores its time to get a quick lunch. In the end of the day Yesim, Barıs, Ates and me enjoy the dinner together..It is really a holiday to me. What about you? What is holiday for you??

Patisserie Valerie

Zara fax faur cardigan and denim skirt
Ipekyol turtleneck
Louis Vuitton handbag

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