29 January 2011

another shopping day..

Last night I went shopping  with my girlfriends. We were at Kentpark by 8pm which means we had only 2 hours to tour both Cepa& Kentpark. Basak was looking for a sweater for her father, Zeynep the perfect birthday outfit and I dragged along..After two hours, Basak had the sweater, Zeynep did not get anything and I ended up two pairs of tights and a hat. Not an effective shopping day :( 
It was great to have drinks after the shopping. The chat was mainly about the best time of our lives. To when woud you like to go back if you could? Which memory would you wish to have again? First love? The best holiday ever? The time you spent in another country?The first 3 months with your ex/boyfriend?.. Or just forget about it.. It might make you feel better or desperate as well..

It's been pretty cold these days.. The extra sockings made me feel warmer. I hope you like them..
                                    Black sweater and jacket and denim skirt, Zara
                                                       Boots, Nine West
                                             tights and sockings, Calzedonia
                                                         Bag, Ipekyol

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