12 January 2011

My very first post :)))

Hello everyone,
Altough It's been a long time since I first decided to have my own blog, it took weeks to create the page, take the pictures day by day, organize the posts.. I could never imagine how hard and challenging it would be, but at the same time it was sooo much fun..
In the end here is my personal blog which I love to share all the fun I have in life:)) nearly all the fun..
Hope you guys enjoy!!

                                                                 Zara sweater
                                                        H&M scarf& bag charm
                                                               Twist green pants
                                                                Mango handbag
                                                  leather jacket, a boutique in SoHo,NY
                                                               Nine west booties
                                                          hat, a boutique in London
                                                            Swarovski Nirvana ring

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