30 January 2011

coolest nail polish trends

I love nail polish. It has always been one of my favorite make up solutions. To make a lasting first impression you need to pick the right color!!
The taupe color is out, now get ready for the utterly fresh 2011 collection trends.
I can't wait to get them!! Which is your favorite?

Spring is all about being nature. Naked colors will make you feel fresh and young

                                               Pearl drop and black pearl..It is so Chanel..

Who doesn't love Tiffany box? This pale blue is definitely my favorite!

                                    Purple was very populer in 2010 now its time for lavender

                                                         Absolutely trendy and cool

                                          This is feminen and chic, like flowers and butterflys..

1 comment:

  1. Hey Asli,
    Great nail polish tips, lovely colors, looks really nice. But you know me, I was never the women that felt comfortable with nail polish on MYSELF, even though I really find the look very nice, I feel myself pretty fake and plastic when I put nail polish, and I feel like everybody is staring at me.
    Any advice on how to get used to living with colored finger nails for late beginners? :)
    Or maybe another discussion topic, what are the your advices to have elegant and attractive hands, without using nail polish, and still be fashionable and cool?